Tess Vrska – Wyoming

[title_block]Tess Vrska – Wyoming[/title_block]

Having grown up as the only girl in a small rural community I learned quickly that if I was going to tag along with all the boys, I needed to be tough. I grew up loving the outdoors hiking, working, riding horses, and hunting. I experienced my first hunt shortly after finishing hunter’s education class. I carried my great grandpa’s 30.06, an old school rifle without a recoil pad. It had a serious kick for a small girl. After much hiking with my Dad, we located a herd of elk in a draw. I spotted a cow elk, leaned on a rock, steadied my rifle, got sight picture, and fired. I had harvested my first elk. It was an exciting moment in my life and sparked my ever growing love for hunting and the outdoors. I have gone on to have many other exciting hunts though much harder than the hunts I experienced on private property growing up. Now my husband and I hunt together in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. With limited access, high elevation and rough terrain the hunting is difficult and challenging. We hike or ride horses deep into the back country to locate the species we are hunting. Once an animal is harvested it is a tough work packing the animal out. My bull moose hunt was a special experience. Together we had gone out as a family. After much searching we spotted a bull moose. Leaving our kids to hang back a bit, my husband and I made a plan to put a stalk on the moose to get within archery range. We quietly stalked through a thick patch of Aspen trees and finally got within 20 yards. I immediately drew my bow and shot as he crossed in front of me. My shot placement was perfect! My kids were so excited, and it made the hunt special having the whole family together. I feel like I am a hardcore huntress because of the lifestyle I live. I’ve spent my life outdoors hunting and living in a remote area that most people dream of. My day to day life exemplifies the image, personality, and conduct that would represent what an extreme huntress is.
List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
8th District Idaho High School Rodeo Queen, Idaho High School Rodeo President, Graduated with Honors from WGU with a B.S. Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. Degree in General Studies/Communications from BYU-Idaho, Certified Nurse’s Assistant, Certified Phlebotomist, 4-H member, FFA supporter and leader, member of Front Sight Firearms Institute, member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and supporter of the Mule Deer Foundation.