Tatiana Orosova – Slovakia

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My name is Tatiana Orosová. I am 26 years old and I am a huntress, a horse rider, an outdoor enthusiast and a veterinarian in one person. I am from Slovakia in Central Europe.

Since I was a little child I have always had a close relationship with animals and nature. I loved all the moving creatures in the world. This is mostly because of my father was a veterinarian and a hunter. He taught me a lot about animals, nature and of course hunting. I was spending a lot of time around him when he was doing his veterinary duties, he was taking me hiking and on the hunts and explaining how everything works. He was the most passionate hunter I have ever seen. He knew everything about the hunting ground, every tree, rock, wild game and their tracks and where you could find it. Hunting was his whole life and I am very grateful he managed to pass his qualities on me and for bringing me into these two exciting worlds.

I think that being an extreme huntress does not only mean to be an excellent shooter and to know different types of hunting weapons and make a sort of sport out of hunting. Hunting is not a sport, this is very important to remember and to present hunting to the public in this way. As a good hunter one must be familiar with the hunting ground, literally every inch of it. At the first place, we should help animals to get through their difficult times in any season. We must be thankful to the nature for possibilities we have and taking care of and protecting it. This is the crucial part of hunting, about which a lot of hunters forget. When it comes to shooting the wild game, of course a hunter must train to make shooting skills as good as possible to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to educate ourselves in every way – guns, ammo, nature, animals, diseases of animals etc.. We should always properly select which animals we can and which we cannot shoot. For example, in our country we have very strict rules and selective hunts. We need to pay attention to age of the game (like deers, mouflons, etc., are divided to several age categories), to sizes and shapes of the horns, antlers and health condition. Based on those, we will be able to select will be left for the next breeding and which one is alright to be shot. According to this, we are keeping the strongest wild game alive, so that they spread their favorable genes in the population. I also often hunt with my two hunting dogs which I train myself and they are a big part of our family. I am using them for wildboar hunts but also for other types of wild game and for tracking. I can say, there is nothing better than to see or hear your doggy partner working and helping you during hunts. At the end, I think that we should appropriatelly pay tribute to animals we harvested.

We should be hunting for healthy source of meet, great memories and experiences we can get, which are making all of this unforgetable. I think the amount of knowledge and skills we must know make the huntress extreme.

List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
I’m cooperating with Leica Sport Optics, Hornady in Europe. I was making a few promotional videos but our biggest was for the German Leica Sport Optics. I’m very interested in promoting hunting and filming hunting promo videos and movies from hunts.