Shannon Beck – Texas

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I started hunting 20 years ago when I began dating a hunter, our third date was a coon hunt was a very thrilling and exciting experience I was instantly hooked. I later learned to hunt turkey, dove, whitetail, coyote hogs, elk, antelope and exotics.
​My husband taught me how to hunt, not just pull the trigger and kill an animal. I went scouting for animals; watched turkeys fly to roost weeks before season started. Before whitetail season opened we looked for trails, rubs and scrapes found their bedding areas and set different stands for different wind directions. I also learned to pay close attention to the moon phases and how it affected the animals. I learned over the years to think like the animal you are chasing and also to respect it. It’s not always about the trophy; it’s also about feeding your family and managing your animals. When I harvest an animal I always pay my respect, lay my hands on it and say a prayer.
​When I moved to Texas I started dating another hunter, an outfitter, he showed me I could do all this on my own that I could do anything I set my mind to. I guide for him now which can be a very daunting yet rewarding experience. Our hunting seasons start earlier than most because we start filling feeders, setting trail cameras, put out attractants and minerals. I am up early every morning taking people to their stand and up late tracking, cleaning and skinning their animals. I have had the privilege of sitting with someone while they harvest their first animal and have also watched someone miss a buck of a lifetime or worse seen a hunter wound an animal. Tracking a wounded animal and putting it down is absolutely heartbreaking but all part of hunting.
A couple seasons ago I stated archery hunting, I pick a buck on camera and hunt that particular one all season. I play the wind and pay close attention to the moon phases, I am usually in my stand twice a day and watch many animals come and go. That first season I hunted my buck all season and the night before rifle season he stepped out and gave me a shot, I got my buck! Was so rewarding and exciting to put all my effort and hard work on one buck and to get him! I’ve also experience the downside to that, last season I picked a mature buck out and twenty eight days into season the neighbor shot my buck, as heartbreaking as that was I was proud of myself for never giving up!
I would love to compete for Extreme Huntress; it would be an honor and privilege to be alongside some of the most hardcore huntresses. Would love to be able to put my knowledge and skills to the test and show my abilities. Coming home with the title of extreme huntress would show how much I have evolved as a hunter over the years would be the ultimate rewarding experience and just the confidence boost I need.

List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
Guide at Bone hunter Outfitters, Member of NRA, RMEF, NWTF, ADC and sisterhood of the outdoors. She hunts Skills camp alumni, attending raised at full draw women’s empowerment camp In June 2018