Sarah Nova – Arizona

[title_block]Sarah Nova – Arizona[/title_block]

I grew up around hunting and the great outdoors. My dad was/is an avid hunter and when I was younger I had no interest in hunting myself but loved to go with my dad. That all changed in 2006, my dad had just gotten back from an Africa trip and I was getting married in August. My husband is not an outdoors man but a great guy none the less. I put in for my first big game hunt and started practicing with the rifle. Javalina was my first hunt and it was a challenge, I wasn’t very proficient in shooting so I had limited opportunities, so I ended up not tagging out. It lit a fire in me and since then I’ve been addicted (in a good way). I’ve harvested many javalina, turkey, deer, and elk. I enjoy archery and shooting rifles and shotguns. I hunt everything from doves to elk. I’ve only ever hunted in state (Arizona) but we have some great hunting here. One thing I love is being able to bring home meat to my family and share my passion with my kids! Some of my favorite trips have been when I was pregnant hunting or with my little ones in tow. I’m not quite sure what it means to be an extreme huntress but I love what this contest is about and the attention it is bringing to the sport. I’m just a regular stay at home mom who loves the outdoors, shooting, and hunting.

List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
I was a member of the AZ Deer Association and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.