Lacy Kuhn – Texas

[title_block]Lacy Kuhn – Texas[/title_block]

Huntress. That is what I would describe myself. My husband and I have been hunting together for the last 15 years. My first kill was the pig in the pictures I submitted. After that, I was hooked! Chris and I have been hunting for 10 years on the famous YO Ranch in Kerrville. While at the YO Ranch, I have hunted many different species. The year I shot my first white tail deer, a huge Sika buck, beautiful buck, was about 50 yards behind us. The Sika was a trophy specimen to say the least, although he wasn’t on the shooter list that year. When sitting in the stand that day, I saw my trophy whitetail walk out from my left. On the YO, you have to be careful that what you are about to shoot is a trophy as game management plays a huge part in the quality of animals that you see on the ranch. I tapped Chris on the shoulder and pointed at the whitetail walking along the tree line, he immediately gave me the thumbs up. He then took my 223 out of my hands and handed me his 30.06! Mind you, I had not shot this gun ever! This was his go to tool for hunting not mine. But in that moment, blood rushing, heart pounding. I set my sights on that beautiful 9 point white tail deer and….BOOM! Perfect shot! He never ran. He dropped right away. Talk about adrenaline rush! I thought shooting the pig was exciting! Not even close!

We have spent many a day sitting in the stand and watching Fallow, Sika, Black buck, Axis and White Tail roaming in the beautiful west Texas scenery. Hunting on the YO Ranch is fantastic all in its own due to the large quantity and great quality of the animals. Some years at the YO, you are only limited to certain animals to shoot. I haven’t been able to shoot a Sika, Black Buck or Fallow, but that is my goal for this year!

For a change of scenery, I have also hunted in deep East Texas. Although I wasn’t successful when I would go hunting in East Texas, the rush of sitting in the stand, waiting and watching is worth every minute invested. I have had the distinct pleasure of hunting in dry climates to humid climates, from 0 degrees and snowing through the windows of the stand to 90 degrees and drenching down pours. Hunting to me is more than just the kill. Hunting to me is the evenings around the campfire discussing the different things that everyone saw and planning tomorrow’s hunt. It is about the time spent away from everyday life and enjoying nature in its truest form. It is the memories you make when your daughter shoots her first deer and the excitement your son has to keep hunting for his first.

Huntress. Yes I think that describes who I am, although I accept the challenge of becoming an Extreme Huntress as described in this program and look forward to accepting the challenge.

List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
*Secretary of the Waller County Fair Lamb Committee
*Currently at teacher in the suburb of Houston
*Teacher Rep for our schools PTO program
*Working mother of 2 and wife