Jamie Belknap – Washington

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Hello, my name is Jamie Belknap from Spokane Valley, Washington. Last year I was a finalist on EH, but last year I was Jamie McCarthy from Idaho. I am applying again because Extreme Huntress taught me so much about myself that I did not know was possible. It lit a fire inside of me that I do not think can be put out. Over the past year I was able to hunt in Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Before Extreme Huntress, hunting has always been a passion of mine, but now I cannot think of anything else that makes me feel so at peace.

I can remember being very young hunting with my family, not knowing that my friends were not spending every weekend in the woods like my family was. Because from a very young age, hunting was my life and it was normal. It was normal to be picked up from school to go sit in the deer stand. As I stated last year, I have been able to hunt in Namibia, Alaska and all over the US. I want to raise a daughter one day with the same values and passion that my family has instilled in me. I want to continue to promote female hunting in a positive light and share my passion with others.

Extreme Huntress allowed me to make many life long friends and hunting companions. The producers, judges, cameramen, and guides at YO allowed us ladies to bond, explore our inner strengths as individual huntresses while working along side with each other. I want to push myself to better myself as a hunter and learn from other ladies the techniques in which they have brought to the competition.

I believe that my work and growth is not done. The milestones that I have accomplished as a young female hunter have just begun and I am willing to push myself for my own growth, but more importantly so that I can take these skills and ideas home to the Pacific Northwest to continue educating other women and youth in my area.
This year if I make it back down to the Legendary YO Ranch Headquarters, I will do whatever it takes to take home the title.

List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
Finalist for the 2018 Extreme Huntress Competition
I have won various archery competitions around the Pacific Northwest for the last 5 years including 1st place in the professional division, 1st place in the female hunting division as well as 3rd place in the professional division at the Idaho State Jambore 3 years in a row.
I placed 3rd place at the World Elk Calling Championships in 2017
I am a board member for Northwest Sportsmans Club as well as the chairman for the “Track Chair Campaign”.