Abby Indreland – Montana

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Hunting has always been a way of life for me. I grew up with hunting, and I intend to continue hunting for as long as I am able. I was blessed to grow up with a father who fell in love with the Montana wilderness and in turn, he passed on his love for the wild to his children. To my father, it didn’t matter that his daughter also wanted to go on hunts along with his sons. He was just as happy to make sure all his children had the experience. Being a girl never overshadowed or caused my father to doubt my abilities or will to hunt. I am grateful that he has always believed that I could do anything I set my mind to and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I wouldn’t trade the hunting seasons and memories I share with my father for anything. To me, theses memories hold the most value of anything in my life. Up to this point, the countless hikes, hunts, trials, and pack outs have lead me to firmly stand with these reasons for believing in hunting and continuing to pursue my passion: I hunt because hunting is conservation. Conservation is the key to preserving our wildlife and heritage.
I hunt because I love my family. Hunting allows me to help provide for my family while also making lifelong memories with the people I care most about. I hunt because I am a competitor. There’s no greater competition than the wild. In hunting, you lose more than you win which ultimately makes you a stronger person. I hunt because it’s who I am and my way of life. I was raised to work hard. You don’t get far in life by having things given to you. I hunt because I want to inspire others with my story. It’s not about the hunt or the kill. It’s about enjoying the beauty of nature and pushing yourself to the next level even when you think you can’t continue. I hunt because it’s my sport, but not one I take lightly. It’s a heck of a trial to stop a beating heart. But understanding and appreciating the purpose of hunting has immense value and is the root of many life lessons I have come upon. I hunt because my father has patiently and selflessly, time and time again, taken a moment to teach me something about hunting. I hunt to make proud the man who has taught me everything I know about hunting and is forever my role model. I hunt because I am always learning. There are always lessons to be learned and knowledge to be gained. The more experiences one is able to have, the more they will prosper in life. I support anyone who wants to get started in hunting, for it has given me some of the best experiences of my life. I would encourage anyone to get outdoors and take advantage of the public lands that are ours to enjoy. Although there are those who oppose hunting, I believe it is vital to continue to communicate to all about the importance of hunting in an educated and respectful manner.
List of accomplishments of merit, special awards and organizations involved with:
I have worked with members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Forest Service on a fencing project on public land. The fencing project was to fence a grazing allotment to keep cattle in a designated area while also making sure the fence did not obstruct the wild game movements or habitat. The fence benefited the local ranchers and also the elk, providing for a game-friendly fence.