Mindy Arthurs

eh-2013-contestant-pic001-MindyArthursExtreme Huntress? Absolutely!!! Extreme is the essence of who I am, and hunting is the action of what I do! I am confident that I am an Extreme Huntress!!!!

From the first trigger pull in 2008 this consuming excitement turned my life upside down or, rather right side up! Being introduced to this perfect lifestyle has been the greatest blessing for my family and me. By nature I am a very goal oriented, intense, and passionate person. These qualities have helped me to be the most extreme, HARDCORE huntress that I can possibly be. This new -found passion has turned opportunity into a personal pursuit.

My very first hunt was a black bear spot and stalk hunt. It was amazing. This fantastic experience not only gave me my first taste of success in harvesting a Boone and Crockett trophy but also lasting, priceless memories to share with others. I was hooked after this first hunt and could not wait till my next one. All I could think about was getting back into the great outdoors!

After I returned from that first hunt I got busy! Since then I have been blessed with eighteen other successful hunts. Some of my favorite successful highlights include, an archery elk hunt on the edge of the Grand Canyon, mountain lions harvested in the pine trees, archery bison hunts on the plains of Texas, and numerous others. I am proud of all my animals both big and small and consider each one to be a true trophy.

While I am very proud of my accomplishments this far, I think my most prized “trophy” is getting others involved. I share the adrenaline and passion with people everyday. I am elated about educating others on hunting and wildlife conservation. My sons have now developed their own hunting careers and are sharing their hunting stories with friends at school. They have taken their own deer, mountain lion and other various animals. It is so exciting to me that they are starting at such a young age. I know this will be passed on to the future generations through them. With me getting certified to teach archery in the local schools, I am reaching out to other children in our community as well, and have even purchased bows for some of my boys’ friends so they could get started too.

Thankfulness fills my heart when I think about the special people that shared with me. The aspect of being extreme makes me humble to those who have tutored me with their time and talents. It has enriched our liveseh-2013-contestant-pic002-MindyArthurs on many levels. I am deeply thankful for the outdoors and am thankful to the Lord for my freedoms to express this type of living.

It has been quite an action packed adrenaline ride over these passed few years, and I am just getting started! I have set Extreme hunting goals for myself and will work tirelessly to achieve them. Why? I am the Extreme Huntress! The possibilities are endless!