Maggi Kouffeld

Kouffeld_2Being an extreme huntress is a lifestyle that I try to live to the fullest. Nothing is more exciting to me than settling my crosshairs on a mature buck or calling and watching a mature gobbler spit and drum his way in.

I would consider myself the most extreme huntress because I am a stand-alone hunter in the woods. I embrace the opportunities I get to hunt with family and friends but the majority of my hunting I do alone. I have developed my skills over the years and have taken most of my deer by myself. I understand and use the wind, know what areas will hold more animals by the feed and aspects and know how to orientate myself if I get lost. I have enough confidence to also take others in the woods and often give them a good opportunity at an animal.

Most girls collect handbags or shoes but I have an infliction of hunting gear. Between my big game and bird collection I fill up a pretty good portion of my shop but I can’t get enough. I can never have too many guns and I particularly love the lever actions. Being left-handed makes it a challenge but I have a good variety of various calibers. I also archery hunt and have a left Kouffeld_1handed Mathews DXT so of course I have all the blinds, stands and goodies that go along with archery too. Really if I added up my taxidermist bill I probably could have bought a nice car but I enjoy looking at the artwork more!

Year after year I look forward to each individual season and work hard to support my passion working as a firefighter for the State of California. It is a physically demanding profession that often tests your body in extreme situations. I believe in the motto “work hard, play even harder” and after some of the experiences I have had I believe I can make it through the toughest hunts! I am truly blessed to have a profession that is so complementary to being an extreme huntress.

My introduction into the outdoors came at a young age. My father has always been an avid hunter and some of my earliest memories were riding around in his jeep hunting in the rolling hills. He did not have any boys but that did not deter him from setting a foundation for both my sister and I to build ourselves into the accomplished hunters we are today.

This is why I believe I am the most extreme huntress and I hope that I will have an opportunity to prove to you that I have what it takes!